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Friday, November 10, 2017

Benefits of Clip-In Hair Extensions

What is the easiest way to gain volume and length for your hair? If you style your hair the same way every day you’ll eventually become bored. There are fun things that you can do with your hair to change your drab look. When it comes to styling your hair, an easy method that you can utilize is attaching clip-in hair extensions to your natural hair. If you have short hair you will find that using clip-in hair extensions is an alternative that allows you to style your hair with all the trendy hair styles that women are wearing.

If you’re planning to attend a social event and wondering how to style your hair, clip-in extensions is the solution that will work for you. You don’t have to be bothered with being at the salon for hours getting other types of extensions. Clip-in hair extensions saves you precious time! You can get longer, fuller hair in just a few minutes. These extensions are made with various types of fibers, hair color and styles. No one will discover your secret unless you tell them.

Human hair clip-in extensions can be easily straightened, curled, and styled according to your preference. You can style your hair like one of your favorite celebrities without breaking your budget. These extensions provide convenience, versatility, and they help to enhance the way you look. North American hair stylist award winner, Kay Matthews will help you to get the perfect look. Check out her Madison Ave Hair Salon in Seattle.

Friday, July 28, 2017

How to Grow Natural Black Hair with Braids

Do you need to take a break from hair weaving and use another method to grow your hair? Women braid their hair for many reasons. Braids are stylish, flattering and can be easily styled to your preference. We’ve all heard it before that braiding your hair is an effective way to make it grow. Braids will protect your hair and make it easier for you to manage your hair each day. If your hair is natural, there are steps that you can take to prepare your hair for braiding styles.

How to Grow Natural Black Hair with Braids

Before you get your hair braided, you want to be certain that your hair is strong and healthy. Make sure you wash your hair with a quality detangling shampoo that will provide lubrication and will make it easy for your hair to detangle. A detangling shampoo is a sensible way to prevent knots and tangles.

Massage some leave-in condition into your wet hair. Make sure you deep condition your hair thoroughly from the roots to the tips. Choose the leave-in conditioner that works best for you. Avoid pulling out your hair by working slowly and gently.

Braiding your hair is one of the best methods that you can use for protective styling and this technique helps to retain hair length. Braids are fashionable and you have the options to wear a number of different styles. If you need an attractive way to alter your appearance, this is the solution that could work for you. Women look cute in their braids because it creates a flattering look. Stop by Madison Ave Hair Salon to get the braids that you desire. You will be pleased with the results.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Grow out Your Hair with Braids

It takes time and patience for healthy hair to grow. One of the easiest ways to grow out your own hair is with the help of braids. Braids are easily maintained and be styled in a number of creative ways. There are many popular braid styles that women love to wear such as box braids, jumbo French braids, corn rows and twists, twisted updos, and braided updo hairstyles.

If you would like to save your hair from daily damage, hair braiding is a suitable option that will work for you. This is a good way to protect your hair, allowing it to grow to a considerable length.

Women with long or short hair will benefit from experimenting with the cutest braid styles. Hair braiding is a simple method that gives you the convenience to look fantastic without spending hours styling your hair each day. This is a common sense approach for women who don’t have the time to spare and need a quick and easy way to style their hair.

When you are braiding your hair, keep in mind that the braids should not be too tight. This is painful and may cause damage to your natural hair. Braids can last a long time if the right technique is applied. Take a break from curling irons and blow dryers and try hair braiding. This is a practical way for you to care for your hair.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Do You Need a Short Hair Style?

Women who are tired of wearing their hair long everyday will eventually feel the need to get a hair cut and there are some women who might be thinking about the idea but are too scared to actually do the job themselves. Cutting your hair shorter is a decision that you should think about before reaching for the scissors.

What are the advantages for getting a haircut? Wearing a short hair style is an effective way to accentuate the structure of your face and to enhance its natural beauty. If you’re tired of hiding behind your hair, a haircut is a solution that will flatter your features. Another reason why a woman would choose to get a haircut is because short hair is much easier to manage.

Wearing shoulder length or below shoulder length hair might be annoying for women since the hair will be difficult to maintain. Some of these issues may consist of the hair being tangled or knotted when it is being washed, straightening the hair will take longer to complete, blow drying and curling the hair also takes twice as long. A short hair cut is more convenient and you are able to style your hair in a matter of minutes instead of hours. A short hairstyle is sexy, it makes you look younger and eliminates all the fussing.

Will a short hair style work for you? One of the most common disadvantages of having a short hair style is that you might have limitations when you are styling your hair. You are unable to put your hair up in a pony tail, wear long braids, and try other creative styles. Before you do away with your long tresses, consider the advantages and disadvantages for getting a haircut and wearing a short hair style.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hair Color For Gray Hair

Do you want to defy your age? One of the first visible signs of aging is the graying of the hair. There are a variety of causes for a person to have grey hair. The two most common causes are often linked to stress and tension. Turning gray is something we all dread but we don’t have to live with gray hair and be unhappy each time we look in the mirror. Premature graying of the hair can make us look older than our actual age.

When it comes to covering your full head of gray hair, you have the option to choose from a number of natural hair shades that will enhance your beauty. Coloring your hair is one of the easiest ways to remedy the problem.

If you have a special engagement you have to attend, changing your hair color is a makeover that you should try. Instead of shopping around searching for the right wig, stop by our Madison Ave Hair Salon in Seattle to transform your look. You can choose to darken your silver hair strands permanently, you can choose a temporary hair color or semi-permanent.

Regardless of your choice, you can be assured of getting the perfect look you need. Kay Matthews is a professional hair stylist that has the skills to provide the coverage you need to hide your gray hair. Changing your hair color is a good way to reflect your personal style and preference. Cover up your gray hair and flaunt your new healthy attractive hair color with style.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Advantages for Coloring Your Hair

Women color their hair on a regular basis to obtain a variety of different looks. Coloring your hair is a way to modernize your look and it's also a way for you to get a great makeover. There are many hair coloring options that you can use to spruce up your drab hair. For centuries women have been coloring their hair to refresh their own hair color or for a completely different change.

A lot of people decide to change their hair color to cover up grey hair, to look younger, to make their hair lighter, darker and for a number of other creative reasons. Before you up and change your hair color make sure you consider the types of hair color that would enhance your appearance. Hair coloring disasters can be very expensive to correct. The best way to avoid this nightmare is to seek the services of a qualified professionalthat has the knowledge and will save you time and money.

Do you need a permanent or semi-permanent hair color? Do you need to add high-lights? There are a number of hair colors and brands that you can try. Choose a color that would be most flattering for your skin tone. If you are nervous coloring your own hair, make sure you consult with a Madison Ave Hair Salon professional hair stylist to give you great results.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Achieve Longer Hair with Hair Extensions

Are you tired of your short hair and need a dramatic look? One of the best inventions in the beauty industry is the hair extension attachment. If you need a break from wearing wigs, this is a great alternative that will work for you.

Hair extensions are ideal for people who have difficulty growing their hair to a longer length. It’s not difficult for individuals with thinning hair to get instant volume. Anyone can achieve a beautiful head of hair with either human hair or synthetic hair extensions.

People who opt to wear hair extensions can be assured that they are not damaging their real hair. By taking a simple trip to the salon, you can obtain the hair that you’ve always wanted. Some of the most common methods of hair attachment consist of weaving, fusion bonding and clip-in.

Avoid a disaster by using the cream of the crop. Choose a hair salon that you can trust to give you the best results. Visit Madison Ave Salon in Seattle where clients get professional hair care services at affordable prices. Kay Matthews is a top hair stylist that will give you the look you need. She is a North American Hair Stylist award winner who specializes in braids, hair extensions, relaxers, and hair cuts and also a three time winner of the Northwest Stylist Cover Contest.

Check out Madison Ave Salon

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions

Short or long hair extensions can be styled like regular hair and should be cared for as well. It is best to follow a maintenance plan in order to make your hair extensions last longer. In this post are essential tips that you can follow to care for your hair extensions.


When you wake up in the mornings, you want to avoid having a tangled head of hair that is difficult to style. If you have natural, long hair extensions, a common technique to prevent tangling is to wear your hair in rollers or to simply tie your hair in a ponytail.

Washing Synthetic or Natural Hair Extensions

You can choose to have your hair stylist wash your hair or you can do the job yourself with a quality shampoo and conditioner. Use a good detangling shampoo and avoid unnecessary pulling or tugging on your hair that will loosen the extensions. Wash your hair gently. You can always ask your hair stylist for the best products to care for your hair.


When it comes to styling your hair extensions, caution should be used as well. Whether you have natural or synthetic hair extensions you should always avoid using heat that will damage the hair. If you have to use a blow dryer or curling iron, use low heat so that your extensions will last a long time.


Hair extensions can be easily damaged when tangled. Be very careful brushing your hair extensions. A soft, bristle brush is ideal for this job. According to hair stylists, it is best to start at the end and work your way upward toward your scalp, using a downward motion. Also keep in mind to use alcohol-free hair styling products. Brushing two to three times per day is a good way to maintain the beauty of your hair extensions. Get your hair styling needs at Kay Matthews Madison Avenue Salon

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Looking for a Top Hair Extensions Salon?

Women with thinning hair have limited choices when it comes to styling their hair. A common solution for this problem is to wear hair extensions that blend in with the natural color of your hair. When you are considering hair extensions, choose a style that is flattering and natural.

How to Choose Hair Extensions

Consider the Length

Select a length that you will enjoy wearing. If you want to try something new, you may consider long hair extensions instead of a shorter length. A new look will transform your features and give you a more glamorous look.

Hair Color

At Kay Matthews Madison Avenue Salon, you will find hair extensions in a variety of shades. According to your preference, choose the hair color that matches your real hair or a different color if you’re focused on a new look.

Types of Hair Extension

Decide on the type of hair extensions you prefer. Do you prefer straight hair or curly? Choose the style that is suitable for you. Hair extensions are fun and you can experiment with a number of styles to suit your personality.

At Kay Matthews Madison Avenue Salon, there are Tape Wefts, Sew-In, Fusion and Braid and other methods to give you a great look. If you are in the Seattle area, check out this Madison Ave hair salon to learn more about your professional hair styling needs.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hair Extensions Hair Salon: Get Your Glamorous Look

Your hair is a significant feature of your appearance. Thick, healthy hair enhances your beauty and makes you feel more confident. However, if you don’t have the volume or length you need, getting hair extensions is an option for you. There are many advantages for wearing hair extensions.

Hair extensions create a natural look that blends in with the color of your hair, they can be styled, they provide versatility, they have a comfortable feel and easy to maintain. Hair extensions are a popular fad, especially among pop star celebrities. A lot of us love to copy our favorite celebrities and get the same extensions they are wearing.

Having a bad hair day? Save yourself the time and trouble by choosing the best alternative. Just clip in your extensions to get the style you desire. Kay Matthews Madison Ave Salon in Seattle will use the highest quality hair extensions to transform your dull appearance to create a more fabulous look. This salon specializes in a variety of hair extensions, braids, relaxers, hair colors and weddings!