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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions

Short or long hair extensions can be styled like regular hair and should be cared for as well. It is best to follow a maintenance plan in order to make your hair extensions last longer. In this post are essential tips that you can follow to care for your hair extensions.


When you wake up in the mornings, you want to avoid having a tangled head of hair that is difficult to style. If you have natural, long hair extensions, a common technique to prevent tangling is to wear your hair in rollers or to simply tie your hair in a ponytail.

Washing Synthetic or Natural Hair Extensions

You can choose to have your hair stylist wash your hair or you can do the job yourself with a quality shampoo and conditioner. Use a good detangling shampoo and avoid unnecessary pulling or tugging on your hair that will loosen the extensions. Wash your hair gently. You can always ask your hair stylist for the best products to care for your hair.


When it comes to styling your hair extensions, caution should be used as well. Whether you have natural or synthetic hair extensions you should always avoid using heat that will damage the hair. If you have to use a blow dryer or curling iron, use low heat so that your extensions will last a long time.


Hair extensions can be easily damaged when tangled. Be very careful brushing your hair extensions. A soft, bristle brush is ideal for this job. According to hair stylists, it is best to start at the end and work your way upward toward your scalp, using a downward motion. Also keep in mind to use alcohol-free hair styling products. Brushing two to three times per day is a good way to maintain the beauty of your hair extensions. Get your hair styling needs at Kay Matthews Madison Avenue Salon

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Looking for a Top Hair Extensions Salon?

Women with thinning hair have limited choices when it comes to styling their hair. A common solution for this problem is to wear hair extensions that blend in with the natural color of your hair. When you are considering hair extensions, choose a style that is flattering and natural.

How to Choose Hair Extensions

Consider the Length

Select a length that you will enjoy wearing. If you want to try something new, you may consider long hair extensions instead of a shorter length. A new look will transform your features and give you a more glamorous look.

Hair Color

At Kay Matthews Madison Avenue Salon, you will find hair extensions in a variety of shades. According to your preference, choose the hair color that matches your real hair or a different color if you’re focused on a new look.

Types of Hair Extension

Decide on the type of hair extensions you prefer. Do you prefer straight hair or curly? Choose the style that is suitable for you. Hair extensions are fun and you can experiment with a number of styles to suit your personality.

At Kay Matthews Madison Avenue Salon, there are Tape Wefts, Sew-In, Fusion and Braid and other methods to give you a great look. If you are in the Seattle area, check out this Madison Ave hair salon to learn more about your professional hair styling needs.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hair Extensions Hair Salon: Get Your Glamorous Look

Your hair is a significant feature of your appearance. Thick, healthy hair enhances your beauty and makes you feel more confident. However, if you don’t have the volume or length you need, getting hair extensions is an option for you. There are many advantages for wearing hair extensions.

Hair extensions create a natural look that blends in with the color of your hair, they can be styled, they provide versatility, they have a comfortable feel and easy to maintain. Hair extensions are a popular fad, especially among pop star celebrities. A lot of us love to copy our favorite celebrities and get the same extensions they are wearing.

Having a bad hair day? Save yourself the time and trouble by choosing the best alternative. Just clip in your extensions to get the style you desire. Kay Matthews Madison Ave Salon in Seattle will use the highest quality hair extensions to transform your dull appearance to create a more fabulous look. This salon specializes in a variety of hair extensions, braids, relaxers, hair colors and weddings!

Friday, November 13, 2015

How To Get Straight Hair

Your hair reflects your personality and the care you give it. People with curly or frizzy hair will learn how to get straight hair by researching and using the best products on the market that are designed to give them the desired effect. One of these popular products is liquid keratin. Liquid keratin emerged several years ago as an effective source of treatment that soothes frizzy hair, softens, and makes hair more manageable.

More Benefits of Liquid Keratin

Makes hair more shiny

Straightens and smoothes hair

Nourishes and conditions

Strengthens and restores damaged hair

Liquid keratin is ideal for a variety of hair types. Women who are searching for the ultimate treatment for their damaged hair should try this amazing product that everyone is talking about. It is advised by hair professionals that you choose a Formaldehyde & Aldehyde Free system to be assured that you are using the highest quality product.

Friday, January 2, 2015

How to Remove Under-Eye Bags!

Unsightly swelling or puffiness underneath your eyes will make you feel self-conscious. Under-eye bags will also make you look tired and older. Before you opt for surgery, try a cheaper technique to reduce the swelling. There are natural remedies in your kitchen that you can use to remove puffy bags from underneath your eyes.

While some treatments work better than others, using cucumbers is one of the best methods to dramatically fix this issue. Apply a cucumber face cream directly to the swelling areas underneath the eyes, or cut two slices of chilled, fresh cucumber and place over your eyes for 20 minutes. This is a popular solution that truly works!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hyaluronic Acid For Joints

Hyaluronic Acid for joints has proven to be an effective treatment for many people. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) has been providing significant relief to those who suffer from severe cases of arthritis and severe aches and pains. Hyaluronic Acid is present in all connective tissues of the body. It is the fluid found between your joints that allows you to move with ease and comfort.

This special fluid is called the synovial fluid that is capable of producing moisture to your joints. The key is to keep this fluid nourished and lubricated. This is done by taking hyaluronic acid to heal and to provide joint flexibility. HA is conveniently available in capsule form which is much better than taking costly injections. Another great benefit from taking HA is that it also provides health to your skin by moisturizing the skin, adding volume to erase wrinkles, and giving you a younger appearance.