Friday, February 15, 2008

Make Money with CPA and Ebay

Do you already have a popular page that you would like to monetize? Facebook makes it easy for you to build a loyal and active fan base. It is not difficult to monetize your Facebook page if you have a large fan base and a mailing list of subscribers. Many businesses need exposure and you can help them if you have a fan page from targeted regions. There are many people who earn revenue by simply monetizing their pages with various CPA (Cost Per Action) offers.

With these networks, a person has to complete a required action in order for you to get paid. Some of these CPA affiliate networks will pay you per email submit, per download, per zip submit etc. Find a good CPA network with offers that are relevant to the theme of your page to increase conversions. You can earn at least $20-$30 per day with this form of monetization.

Always share your content to create a viral effect. Write unique content on your blog that relates to your CPA offers, post links from your blog on your Facebook page, and promote these offers to your list of subscribers. You will find a number of niche-related CPA offers that convert very well. However, posting links should be done in moderation. You don’t want to annoy or lose fans. Avoid spamming your wall with too many affiliate links or with self-promotional content. Your main goal is to build credibility and to consistently increase your fan base.

No Subscribers? It is easy to attract fans if you use the right strategy to target the right crowd. One of the best strategies is to give something away for free on your fan page and then build an email list. You will need an autoresponder service that captures email addresses of people who visit your page. There are a number of free and paid autoresponder services that you can choose, but for the sake of this tutorial, I will suggest Aweber.

Install an Opt-in form tab on your page, using an A Weber app, and give away a free product or report that pertains to your niche. For example, if you have a weight loss Facebook page, you can give away free weight loss Ebooks, DVDs etc. to people interested in losing weight. They will be eager to sign up with their name and email to receive their freebies. By utilizing this technique, you will be generating a targeted list of leads from Facebook. When you have these people on your list, you are able to promote them as often as you wish.

Make Money with your Ebay Store

Another way to monetize your social data is by sharing your Ebay listings on your page. With the use of a plugin, you can simply incorporate your Ebay store right into your Facebook page. Sharing your items for sale on Facebook and other social networking platforms will boost traffic to your Ebay items. Your shared listings will be viewed in your Facebook News Feed.

Friends interested in your shared listings will click the link to view the item and make a purchase. Visitors to your page may also share your listings with their friends. As we know, Facebook has millions of active users. Therefore, this is a useful technique that enables you to sell your Ebay listings on your page to lure potential customers and grow your business.

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