Monday, October 5, 2020

6 Ways to Deal With a High Libido

Can't control your sexual urges? Sexual desire is known to be significantly higher in men than in women. High sex drive in men is influenced by certain psychological and social factors.Some of these may consist of unresolved trauma, lack of fulfillment, stress, grief, social anxiety, and other factors.Follow these tips to learn what to do about your high libido.

Seek Couples Therapy

Going to couples therapy helps you to deal with your mismatched libidos. You might have a hard time communicating your sexual feelings and urges to your partner. It is helpful to discuss these issues with a trained sex therapist. Counseling helps you to learn how to cope if you have a high sex drive and how you can compromise with your partner. You also gain better insight into what's causing your sexual urges.

You might feel reluctant to end your relationship over a sexual issue. Attending regular therapy sessions could help you to work through your relationship issues and for you to overcome your problem.

Get Professional Treatment

Getting professional treatment is just as essential as going to couples therapy. A health professional might be able to help you curb your strong sexual desire.Instead of medicating yourself, you can get the right medication from a health professional who understands your particular issue.Your sexual addiction can cause major interference with your daily life. There could be many complex reasons behind your addiction.You may have biochemical or hormonal imbalances that you can treat with prescribed medication.

A health professional can provide you with a comprehensive approach for you to deal with your high sex drive.Some of these medications might consist of mood stabilizers to reduce your sexual urges. A professional might also prescribe antidepressants and other forms of specialized treatment to help you deal with your high sex drive.If you can't go about your day without thinking about sex, the right drug treatment might help you to have more control and fewer urges.

Focus on Working Out

Did you know that there is a strong relationship between sex and exercise? Working out at the gym could be the easiest way for you to lower your sex drive.The wild, sexual energies you have can be minimized when you focus on something else. Exercise helps to distract your body and your mind.You may get substantial relief by training in the gym or working out for extended hours. Some common activities that you can try include biking, riding, long-distance running, and weight lifting.

Men who engage in long workout sessions are known to have a lower libido. This is possible because workout routines cause mental and physical fatigue.These are two factors that may help to reduce your intense sexual urges. So, if you don't want to act on your sexual compulsions, you can channel this energy into various types of physical activities.

Drink Herbal Teas

Drinking herbal teas may help you to control your sex drive and they might even help to lower your testosterone levels. Herbal teas such as nettle, dandelion root tea, and spearmint tea are known to have testosterone lowering benefits. A trip to a herbalist is also a better way for you to learn about specific herbal teas to lower your sex drive. 

Pay Attention to Your Fat Intake

Are the foods you're eating causing an increase in your sex drive? High sources of fat in your diet may harm your sex drive.Some of these sources may include bacon fat, butter, and palm oil. The consumption of unhealthy fatty foods can even cause harm to your arteries and your heart.

A diet of low saturated fat could be a better way for you to deal with your high sexual urges. Be sure to include low saturated fat food sources such as tofu, green vegetables, nuts, non-dairy milk, and beans. These foods have a better effect on your libido and may help you to control your sexual urges.

Try Yoga

If your body is too tense or if your mind has too many sexual distractions, you should think about trying yoga. When you're feeling overwhelmed by your sexual urges, yoga could be the best technique for you to deal with your problem.This is a healthy and relaxing activity that may help to normalize your high sex drive. Yoga allows you to balance your mind and to refocus your attention on something positive. You can engage in different yoga poses and meditation for up to 20 minutes each day to achieve good results. Yoga helps you to have better control of your emotions, it helps to improve your concentration, and it might help to calm the sexual tension in your body.

Use Different Techniques to Lower Your High Libido

Your sex drive can have a great impact on your relationship, but sometimes it can become overwhelming. If you think you have a high libido, you can follow this guide to manage your sexual cravings. Once you have a better understanding of your high sex drive, you can try the best techniques to fix your problem.If you want to read more lifestyle tips, you can have a look at the rest of our blog posts.

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