Saturday, November 14, 2015

Preventing Tooth Decay

They work hard 24 hours each day to manage the job of crunching and chewing all kind of foods. Bacteria and acidic foods such as soda, white flour and other junk foods are common causes of tooth decay. This stressful situation can be easily prevented with the use of angstrom minerals. Minerals are important nutrients the body needs to remain healthy. They help to digest foods, strengthen bones, teeth, gums, and other important functions. Since the body does not make minerals, it is essential to use a mineral supplement that helps to maintain the health of the teeth.

What are Angstrom Minerals? Angstrom Minerals are water soluble and can be easily absorbed in the cells within seconds. When ingested, they produce a 100 percent absorption rate in the body. They are smaller in size than colloidal minerals and more effective without causing a toxic side-effect. They can stop further tooth decay and help to remineralize the teeth.

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