Friday, October 2, 2015

Do you Have Back Pain?

Finding the most effective ways to ease back pain will help you to live in better peace and comfort. For many people, back pain is a bothersome health condition they endure each day. When you suffer from back pain, the lives of your family members and friends are also affected. This condition can have a major impact in your life, and may prevent you from enjoying your daily activities with your loved ones if left untreated. Calling out from work due to back pain is a common issue for workers. Statistics have shown that 1/2 of working Americans admit their experience with back pain.

It is no wonder that $50 billion is spent each year to treat this painful condition that disrupts the lives of so many people. What Type Of Back Pain Do You Have? There are different factors that will cause back pain. Some of these may consist of injuries, lifting heavy objects, lack of posture sitting for prolonged hours, and even stress.

The intensity levels of back pain are categorized into three types. These are acute pain that lasts for less than four weeks, sub acute pain lasts from 4-12 weeks, and chronic pain that lasts for over 12 weeks. In order for you use the best techniques to ease back pain it is essential for you to understand the type of pain you are feeling.

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