Sunday, May 17, 2015

Minerals That Heal

Most diseases often have been linked to a mineral deficiency. It is vital for our bodies to get adequate amounts of essential minerals to enforce enzyme activity, and absorption of vitamins. Minerals taken in the right form can perform efficiently to re-mineralize bone, and heal the body from a number of health conditions.

Liquid ionic minerals or angstrom minerals have been proven to be the most absorbable, in contrast to colloidal minerals. Even though colloidal minerals have received a lot of buzz and are used for health support, there is one important fact that needs to be understood. Colloidal minerals do not penetrate the body as well as angstrom ionic minerals. Colloidal minerals are not readily absorbed in the body because of the absence of an electrical charge, and their large size that prevents absorption from occurring. In order for colloidal minerals to work effectively in the body, these minerals need to be broken down into smaller parts.

According to size relativity, angstrom minerals are much smaller in size than colloidal minerals. Angstrom has a particle size of approximately 0.1 nanometers, which means that such minerals are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream at a faster rate. In fact, angstrom minerals have been proven to be 99.9 % absorbable. These minerals are small enough to enter the cells of the hand without being digested. Mineral tablets should never be taken, due to the toxic build up that they produce over time. Angstrom minerals are relatively safe and most importantly, they are not toxic even when taken in large amounts. These minerals deliver proficiency, in helping the body to heal without causing any toxic build up. For those affected with acidification in the body, ionic minerals are the ultimate solution that will provide relief.

Liquid ionic minerals are capable of repairing the body by means of neutralizing, and eliminating harmful acids that are deeply embedded inside the tissues. It is advised that taking a spectrum of these minerals, preferably ionic trace minerals will allow the body to become alkaline. Therefore, in this regard taking ionic minerals on a daily basis is required to keep the body balanced, and prevents acidic accumulation in the cells.

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